About Us

Gorilla Tracking Africa is a brand owned and operated by Adyeri Creations Ltd. Adyeri Creations is a 100% Ugandan owned company that provides scheduled tours, camping, self-drive and tailor-made tours to offer our guests an experience of a lifetime.

Why Travel with us?

Adyeri Creations operates in coordination with well-established and highly regarded establishments and international tour operators, ensuring the highest quality of service and satisfaction throughout your journey.

Our guides are all enthusiastic professionals, with a vast knowledge of the local fauna and flora, as well as other magical sites and experiences the country has to offer. They are dedicated to making your game drives or nature walks exciting. We also make sure that all our vehicles provided for transportation, offer maximum level of comfort and safety. We are represented on  SafariBookings.com as a tour and travel company.

Travelling with us is the best way to get up-close and personal with both Uganda and Rwanda in a way you’d never manage on your own. And when you travel with us, you support local artisans and help make the world better for everyone.

Alongside Adyeri Creations we run an E-Commerce portal (www.adyeri.com) that’s entirely focused on the Digital marketing and distribution of the works of African Artisans. At present, we are working with 283 artisans from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda whose works are exclusively showcased and distributed through the Adyeri Online platform.

Real Life Experiences

Real life experiences are those moments you know you’re really alive and experiencing something special. While it could be the instant you see one of the world’s great icons for the first time, it is more likely to be the moment you find yourself in the middle of a village circle traditional dance, being treated to a home-cooked meal by your new local friends or sharing a laugh with your fellow travellers as you try climbing an age old tree in the deep jungle of a rift valley rain-forest. These unexpected moments are what travelling with us is all about, giving you a trip like no other.

What does that mean for you?

It means that our itineraries are specifically crafted to include as much time as possible doing local things with local people. They’re not simply about getting from point A to point B, or ‘seeing the sights’ – anyone with a guidebook can do that. What we offer is the local knowledge and experience to help you get behind the scenes of a culture and understand what makes that destination tick. These are unique and authentic insights into local life that have been facilitated specifically for Intrepid groups.


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